Maplecrest Sport Store

Maplecrest Sports Store
Located at The New Forum Roller Centre
125 Guelph Avenue, Unit 8, Cambridge, ON,  N3C 1A5
Phone (519) 249-0400
Fax (519) 249-0041

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Maplecrest Sports is a full service Rollersport store located at the Forum Skating Centre in Cambridge.


mapparts.jpg (30887 bytes)      We carry a wide variety of new and used rollerskates and rollerblades.  Also available are quad, inline, ice and hockey skates, as well as skateboards.  We have a selection of accessories including wheels, bearings, laces, toe and heel stops, liners, knee pads and skating dresses.  Be sure to check our inventory pages.
     We also sell used skates on consignment.  Consignment means that we will put your used skates into our store and sell them for you.  So if you aren't ready to purchase a new pair of skates, you can inquire as to availability and prices of our consignment skates

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     Servicing of your skates is also a priority of our staff.   We have a fully equipped shop to perform magic on your old favourites or just keep your new investment rolling at peak performance levels.  Contact us for a quote and diagnosis of your problems.

     To make your shopping easier, we accept VISA and MASTERCARD.  Orders are sent next day.  Shipping and handling extra.

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Last updated May 12, 2010

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