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In whatever area of Real Estate you find yourself, we can provide the quality service you deserve to maintain your Property Values, utilizing the following process.

1.  Set-up, Opening and Post Construction

As managers, we would be responsible for providing the necessary organizational services to prepare the building for full operation.  The categories involved in this are:

  1. Establishing an initial operating budget based on market analysis and internal criteria.

  2. Negotiating and implementing all service contracts necessary to operate the building such as landscaping, waste removal, etc.

  3. Arranging all necessary insurance policies.

  4. Arranging for a local person, on call, to respond in the event of minor problems or emergencies.

  5. Arranging for move-in co-ordination and tenancy or ownership commencement


2.  Ongoing Operation and Maintenance

As managers, we would oversee the ongoing operation and maintenance of the building.  These services include:

  1. Co-ordination regular monitoring of all the building systems and all obligations of service contractors.

  2. Contracting for any repairs be it minor, major or warranty work.

  3. Arranging for the performance of all covenants, duties and obligations of the occupant and conducting regular visits.

  4. Arranging for supply of any utilities such as electricity, gas or water as required under any agreements.

  5. Supervise that all services required to operate the building are being provided in a cost effective manner.

3.  Reporting and Financial Functions

As managers, we would be responsible for all reporting functions as follows:

  1. Preparing annual operating budget at the beginning of each year and adjustment calculation for the previous year's costs with reports to the owners and/or tenants.

  2. Preparing financial statements on a regular basis.

  3. Collection of rental income or Condominium fees to be used for payments of all costs related to operating and maintaining the property.

4.  Extra Services

  1. These services the manager would provide on an "as required" basis subject to prior approval, when an unusual event occurs such as preparing Reserve Fund Studies, dealing with litigation or any other non-routine services.

5.  Fees for Services

  1. Set-up Opening and Post Construction:  This is usually a fixed fee, negotiated dependant upon the services required and the size of the building.

  2. Ongoing Operations and Maintenance:  This is an annual fee, recoverable from the occupants within their operating or common area cost chargebacks often expressed as a Percentage.

  3. Extra Services:  This fee is usually based on the current hourly rate of property management personnel as required plus an override on the cost of any materials purchased in association with these services.

A more detailed breakdown of these can be provided on request.